Marike van Beurden

Pastry & Chocolate

defining taste

In each creation

a surprise is hidden


MILKY NUTS – Hazelnut & Yoghurt cremeux, textures of milk chocolate & Yuzu

CERSIER 2.0 – Traditional cake restyled in a lighter and fruitier version

Chai Tea, Blackcurrant & Milk chocolate

SUMMER TARTS – Lactose free summer tarts Crispy Sable filled with summer berries marmalade & cream and topped with a blackberry glazing

SPECULAAS TART – topped with apple tatin & almond mousse 



THE 3B’s – Blackberry Blueberry and Blackcurrant Lactose & Gluten free cake

RUBY TACO – spicy guacamole topped with Ruby ganache served in a crispy chocolate shell

SUMMER TART – Lactose free Summer tart Strawberry & Basil

Healthy line of cakes with reduced fat & sugar textures of apricot, honey ginger & lemon

My vision on pastry

Inspired by travels, daily outdoor pursuits, and arts & design, I create sweet experiences.

Defining taste is about the expectation of taste. Mixing expectations up, breaking them down, and reinventing the experience. I evoke memories by using classics. I take your experience and shake it up by using combinations of textures, local ingredients, taste and contrast. In each creation a surprise is hidden you won’t see coming. And those who dare to taste get to keep the memory.

Accompanied by a well known food-scientist I am currently in­vestigating how we can go plant-based without sacrificing in flavour, yet staying as clean label as possible. In 2021 this research will be translated into the launching of new pastry focussed ingredients, starting with plant-based dairy re­place­ments. Next will be a whole new line of plant-based (and gluten-free) pastries and desserts. Clean label and great focus on decreasing our carbon footprint.


Marike van Beurden ltd consulting


Tatler Best Hong Kong Pastry Chef


Head Pastry Chef at Caprice***, Hong Kong


World Chocolate Masters, runner up


Dutch Chocolate Masters 1st place


Winner final C3, world


Winner C3, France


Winner Trophy Carol Duvall Leroy (France); Dessert of the year: 1st place

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Vegan creations

GREEN APPLE & MATCHA – crispy vegan tarts

VEGAN POUND CAKE – Hazelnut cake filled with caramelised apples and a chocolate caramel, dipped in Panela chocolate

BLOOD ORANGE – Vegan & Glutenfree Buckwheat, Hazelnut & Blood orange tarts

VEGAN CAKE – Chocolate, Peanut caramel & Coffee

END OF SUMMER ON A PLATE – Plant-based & Gluten free dessert with figs, raspberry, blackberry & buckwheat

VEGAN POUND CAKE – Hazelnut cake filled with caramelised apples and a chocolate caramel, dipped in Panela chocolate

Marike van Beurden Consulting ltd can help you with the creation of your upcoming (plantbased) menu’s, training of your staff and help by the organisation of your pastry kitchen. In the past few years she trained pastry chefs in many different countries.

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I have trained chefs from Bruges to Tokyo and in each occasion I love to see the team grow.

Those who dare to taste

get to keep the memory